NEWS| VFS as a platform for emerging talent

Vauxhall Fashion Scout prides itself as a platform serving to promote innovative, and emerging design talent to a global audience of press, buyers, and style leaders. Having provided a springboard for now-established, and successful designers, sibling-duo Felder Felder, Giorgian-born David Koma, and print pioneers, Christopher De Vos, and Peter Pilotto, we’re aware of the importance of guiding innovative design talent in the initial stages of their careers. 
We touched-base with recent alumni, and current VFS designers to find out what they’ve gained from their Freemasons showcase, and to show what future creatives can gain from applying to show with us, at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

  • "The biggest challenge I find for a new designer is to have supportive platforms to show to an interested audience.  Bodies such as VFS help link the creation to the market.  I am also extremely grateful for these forms of exposure because it drives me and my work. " Chloe Award winner, Steven Tai
  • "They’re been super supportive. They’ve actually been contacting me since my BA- which was in 2008- and since then, they’re been at my back, and been absolutely amazing so far. I recommend any designers work with them."- Fashion Fringe semi-finalist, Raffaele Ascione
  • "I honestly wouldn't be here without Vauxhall [Fashion Scout]. To have have been lucky enough to showcase as part of House of Evolution last time, then for VFS to have selected me to come back to show my own collection, it really makes you feel like you have people that really support you."- MATH's Shahzad Mohaydin
  • "There’s modern, then there’s the quirky, and the avant-garde and Vauxhall Fashion Scout understand all these personalities, and manage to make them all work together in one showcase.”- T. Lipop
  • "A great platform for emerging young designers... it's given me great support and the Merit Award has helped kick start my career."- Merit Award Winner, Georgia Hardinge
  • "I don’t think I’d be here if it wasn’t for Vauxhall Fashion Scout. It was such a good experience, and so many doors have opened because of that show. Also, the support after- being able to talk about the production, and sales, and being advised on what to do next. VFS have been really, really, really supportive."- One to Watch, Joseph Turvey
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