NEWS| Baartman & Siegel featured in 'Menswear: Fashion Forward Designers'

VFS menswear designers Baartman and Siegel have been included in 'Menswear: Fashion Forward Designers', a book published by Monsa. The publication has the aim to "discover an amazing selection of some of the best menswear fashion designers that are breaking the rules today," making Baartman and Siegel a perfect selection. The London based designers, who are quickly gaining recognition for their interactive and luxurious garments have their work displayed in the book through stunning photographs of their A/W 12 'Milk Tray Man' collection, accompanied by a flattering biography.

Read more about 'Menswear: Fashion Forward Designers' here

By Josh Walker, VFS contributor
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Images courtesy of Amber, Baartmans & Siegel