NEWS| David Longshaw's 'Olympic Strip' for Vogue Italia

You've "met" Rédactrice, Maude of MAUDEzine, and her [partially-drunk] assistant, and if you've seen VFS designer, David Longshaw's recent collection, you've likely also "met" Lucia. One thing the [illustrated] ladies all have in common is that are all of his creation; all part of an illustrated world thought up to support, and feature in the ELLE launchpad winner's designs.
Now meet Francesca, and Arthur- two new characters created for Longshaw's comic-strip series for Vogue Italia. Strip one, titled 'The Olympic Strip' is up online now, but be sure to keep up to date with David on Twitter to find out when the next of his strips goes live- (and  to let him know what you think!).

Full-sized image, and dialogue on the site here.