NEWS| Pam Hogg part two is live on Hunger TV

Skip back to the beginning of May, here at VFS we gave you an exclusive insight into the Pam Hogg feature which was to be publish in the forthcoming issue of Hunger magazine. Following Issue 2, which was released May 10th (and is still available to purchase), part two of the Pam Hogg feature is now live on their website

Biannual mag The Hunger is Rankin's new-comer and fourth magazine in publication - this exclusive insight into the world of icon and VFS designer Pam Hogg is not to be missed. 

"Few designers embody the spirit of their creations quite like Pam Hogg. Where most brands concoct an enviable lifestyle to push their collections, the roots of Pam’s designs reach deeply into her own experience".

By Editor Cass Gowing, follow her on Twitter @CassGowing
Images from Hunger magazine