ANNOUNCEMENT| Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Browns Blog Takeover

Vauxhall Fashion Scout are pleased to announce that between 20th – 26th August we will be Browns guest bloggers!

Over seven days, the Vauxhall Fashion Scout blog team will be taking over the Browns Blog to give you insider interviews with designers, studio and collection images as well as an exclusive insight into Vauxhall Fashion Scout way of life. 

Browns, the luxury independent designer retailer, prides itself on it's revolutionary attitude towards stocking emerging designers - making the London boutique a pioneer in supporting British talent. It is therefore natural that Browns has stocked many Vauxhall Fashion Scout designers, past and present.

Go to the Browns Blog between Monday 20th August to Sunday 26th August 2012 for our seven day blog takeover, but make sure you also follow Browns and Vauxhall Fashion Scout on Twitter for extra updates!

We're excited, we hope you are too!

By Cass Gowing, Editor of VFS Blog