BACKSTAGE| Behind the Scenes of Graduate Showcase

As the launch of fashion week creeps dangerously closer, graduate designers were invited to a showcase briefing in Freemasons’ Hall this afternoon led by Martyn Roberts, Vauxhall Fashion Scout Founder, Guy Hipwell, Director of Fashion 156 and duo Lian Hirst and Rob Davies from Trace Publicity, to absorb a wealth of exclusive advice and industry tips before tomorrow’s launch.

VFS spoke to Rob Davies prior to the discussion-

 “A lot of (designers) will be fresh out of university and probably never been in this kind of situation - being exposed to industry, press and buyers. Today’s about giving them an insight in to what to expect and how to handle themselves.” 

Describing VFS as the “stepping stone” for talented graduates, all four speakers teamed together to share advice regarding the designers’ forthcoming experience at Fashion Week. From how to engage professionally with guests right through to what footwear should not be worn (!) designers were treated to a succession of useful pointers.

As the intimate discussion drew to a close designer Shengwei Wang revealed that the talk was highly beneficial. “It gave me a lot of information as a new designer as to how to start my work and how I can start a new business in the future.” Grinning, she added, “It gave me lots of tips for tomorrow. Really good!”

By Freya Hill (@freyahilltalkin)
Images by Asia Werbel