BACKSTAGE| Leutton Postle S/S13

The hairstyles were fun and playful for Leutton Postle this season; VFS spoke to Head Hairstylist Indira Schauwecker about the inspirations for the look ahead of Spring/ Summer. 
“[We are working with] a very loose ponytail, kind of working with a dry texture internally but with a very shiny ponytail and then we are going to work with giving the style a little more comic character in the front and having this drawn wave. It needs to be quite modern and not dated at all.” 
We also spoke to Head Make-up artist LAN Nguyen about the look The Body Shop are creating for this show - “The make up was quite fresh; it was all about a textured lip, the pop brow. For the lips we've used the Body Shop 'Rosy Red', alongside with the lipstick number 59 which is a pop pink. We've used the pink eyeshadow 'Berry Cherry' and to make it pop we've used 'Something Blue'.”

Famed for their celebration of textural fabrics, an abundance of colour, and innovative textiles techniques, Leutton Postle are always bringing something fresh and new that is untouched by restraints of trends but is an expressions of both of their artistic natures. They always pay such attention to detail and craft creating stunning knits that are bold and forward-thinking. VFS chatted to Sam and Jenny backstage who told us that for SS13 “The inspirations were traditional textiles techniques, patch working, collage and beading .... We've concentrated a lot on finish this season, we made our fabrics on different machines so we are still doing all of the hand-finishing but we are using more sophisticated fabrics and polishing the shape and finish, retaining that craft element that we have.” From the look of things backstage, the collection is just full of playfulness and colour but it seems clear that Leutton Postle are constantly developing their aesthetic into something refreshing.

Text by Katie Agar (@katie_agar)
Images by Lauren Marsh