SPONSOR| Backstage with The Body Shop and Toni & Guy for Merit Award winner Heohwan Simulation

Heohwan Simulation is gaining a lot of attention in the fashion world due to Heo's refined black statement pieces and colour pop-accents. His influences from different stages throughout art history are clear in his designs; dramatic, but elegant and are bursting with modernity.

Backstage, The Body Shop make-up artists, and Toni & Guy hair stylists were engrossed in creating the perfect look. Head Toni & Guy Hairstylist, Pinar Necati describes the look as "Geek meets Kate Moss". 
“The style is of a geek who has fashion sense. There is a dirty lived-in feel to the hair but it is not greasy, it's matte. The texture is dishevled, but flat on top. The clothes are really linear and quite boxy, they are not about curves they are about really clean lines and the dishevled look gives good contrast to the lines of the clothes.” 

The models' features were enhanced by the slicked-back hair-styling, and striking make-up to stunning effect on the catwalk.
VFS also chatted to Head The Body Shop make-up artist, LAN Nguyen-Grealis, who told us how the make-up works with the collection. 
“The collection is all about art deco and panelling so we have kept the make-up quite simple with a smoky eye. For some of the girls we have gone with a yellow mustard which matches their outfit and for the girls with more character we've gone for a stronger black smoky eye. Everything else is completely flat and matte.” 

The aim of the hair, and make-up is to allow the collection to speak for itself, and not distract, but enhance it.
Speaking to Hwan Heo himself he told us “I got inspiration from Naomi Klein's book 'No Logo', and young workers in the 20th century... [and] the work of Marc Bohan from the late 1960s; I used a monochrome colour palette, with a highlight of yellow and green.” 
With this colour palette and the refined styling, the show is no-doubt going to look incredible.

Text by Katie Agar (@katie_agar)
Images by Lauren Marsh