BACKSTAGE| Nova Chiu S/S13

As part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones-To-Watch’ last season, the success of Nova and Jeff  - the duo behind Nova Chiu - over the past few months, has been incredible; living-up to their predicted title of being ones-to-watch.  Vauxhall Fashion Scout spoke to the pair backstage, in the run-up to their Spring/Summer ’13 show. 

How are preparations going this season?
Jeff:  It’s a lot less stressful this time, than it was for the Ones-To-Watch show.  We have a longer time to prepare for it this time.  

How do you feel about having your own show?
Nova: It’s really exciting, because you get to oversee everything from the beginning to the end.  There is no rush, or no sharing of models; I can choose a specific girl for a specific outfit.  

What were your inspirations for this collection?
Jeff: We were inspired by landscapes and scenery.  Me and Nova have travelled a whole bunch over the past four months; we were in China, and we were all over America. We took pictures along the way for the prints.  The whole collection is inspired by the scenery; the mountains, and trees, and rivers. 
Nova:  We did a lot of sketching of the shapes of the mountains, and roads, and rivers; we were just so inspired.   

Interview by Abigail Gurney-Read (@AbbyGurneyRead)
Images by Stephanie Matti