BACKSTAGE| Ones to Watch

Four designers; Charlotte Simpson, Hana Cha, Helen Van Rees and Ming Pin Tien watch over the hair and make-up being done to suit their uniform aesthetic. Ming's collection is an array of leather and metal armour style designs and statement shoes that gives the collection the sense of a 'fashion warrior' in beautiful tones of maroon and beige. Helen's structural, chanel inspired collection brings a sense of sophisticated fun to the room and some beautiful tweed's which impressively are made from recycled yarn remnants.

The challenge for the teams of Tony & Guy and The Body Shop is to style the models in a way that fits all four collections. Celia Vincent, Head of Hairstyling for this show explained that “luckily all of the designers liked similar things, so the issue was to decide on the shine on the hairline. We found the texture that we liked and then we worked on the knotting at the back, trying a few variations.” The result is a sophisticated knotted bun that is simple but beautifully woven into place. The make-up similarly had to be kept simple;LAN Nguyen-Grealis, head of The Body Shop make-up explained that the look was “controlled nude, using bronzes, browns and taupes to contour eyes and cheekbones”.

VFS caught up with Charlotte Simpson, whos beautiful cream statement pieces are embellished with pastel yellows and greens, who explained “The collection is a development from last season but instead of focusing on increased surface area, I have focused more on the taste system, taste mapping of the tongue and taste buds.” We also spoke to Hana Cha who explained that her stunning graphic collection is inspired by “combining different classes from the proletariat so it is basically mixing different styles from upper class and lower class”. The collections from the designers really are stunning and it is clear why they have been identified as the 'Ones to Watch'.

Text by Katie Agar (@katie_agar)
Images by Asia Werbel and Kevin Chesnais