BACKSTAGE| Phoebe English S/S13

With Phoebe arriving early to perfect her final looks, the atmosphere backstage is energetic. Hair stylists working on tasteful up-dos with round brushes wrapping the hair into victory rolls. Make up is clean and minimal drawing the most attention to Phoebe’s designs. Shoes are painted white with a washed out effect hiding the black colour of the heels. The collection itself is being tweaked and run throughs are now taking place for the final presentation of the catwalk.

Even though it is becoming even faster backstage, with stylists finishing off touches to the hair within minutes, the overall atmosphere is one of creativity, seeing the designer at work herself and engaging in the team she is provided with. The show is set to be packed, with a lot of interest being on Phoebe English right now, CSM graduate and this years winner of the Vauxhall Merit award.

With an atmosphere as engaging as this, with even the runway music playing, it’s clear to see that this show is warming up with a lot of anticipation.

Text by Lora O'Callaghan (@loraocallaghan)
Images by Lauren Marsh and Asia Werbel