COLLECTION| FAD - Fashion Awareness Direct S/S13


The concluding show of Vauxhall Fashion Scout was FAD, ‘Fashion Awareness Direct’; a presentation of 25 teenagers from inner-city areas of both London and Manchester.  Selected from over 100 entrants, the final 25 had been hand-picked by a panel of industry professionals.  Each piece shown in the show had been created in the intense time-frame of 5 days; the result of an intensive summer programme.

Designers were given a common theme of Great Britain, with a task to embody their interpretation of the theme within their pieces.  The collection as a whole was united in a patriotic defiance; mirroring the punk scene that epitomised Britain in the 1980s.  The colour-scheme adhered to a controlled palette of red, white and blue; maintaining an element of uniformity, despite the differing styles of each designer.  

At the conclusion of the show, the winners of the prestigious awards and special mentions were announced.  This is the list as it was announced:

Sketchbook Work (special mention): Ezoe Robinson
Illustration (special mention): Robyn Yang
Creative Pattern Cutting (winner): Toyosi Salvador
Commercial Awareness (winner): Denea Joseph
FAD Junior Award Winner 2012: Serife Niyazi

Vauxhall Fashion Scout would like to congratulate all of the designers on their wonderful creations, and once again give praise to FAD on their continuing diligence and important work in promoting the work of these young, talented individuals.     

Photography by Rebecca Andrews