COLLECTION| House of Evolution S/S13 - Danilo Gabrielli, Lug von Siga and DB Berden

Born in 2011, House of Evolution is a platform for innovative designers. Selected by industry insiders, their S/S13 showcase saw the work of DB Berdan, Lug Von Siga and Danilo Gabrielli hit the catwalk with three very different collections.

First up was DB Berdan. This Istanbul born mother-daughter design duo's fourth season was young, fun and inspired by the Golden era of the 20th century. Long and short dresses, collared shirts and oversized satchels made their way down the runway in pastel colours, touching on the surreal with animalistic prints and romance with the French lace details. Entitled 'Haute Boheme', the collection featured bold collage prints and emphasised the importance of hand craftsmanship in their designs with intricate beading to create a smooth, feminine silhouette. With Deniz Berdan originally working as a fashion editor and her daughter Begum studying costume for performance at the London College of Fashion, they're certainly a pair who know what they're doing.

Next came Lug Von Siga's S/S13 collection, 'A Stranger Under the Dome of the Grand Bazaar'. Under the name of Lug Von Siga, designer Gul Agis's launched the label in 2009 and found inspiration for this collection in the passages of the Grand Bazaar through the eyes of a stranger. In a journey of luxurious looking textures and prints, pieces walked the catwalk with leather, gold zip details and black collars that accentuated the neckline. Make up and jewellery added to the garments, consisting of a bold, black line above the eyes and statement earpieces.

Danilo Gabrielli rounded off the House of Evolution show with his 'Hollywood Glamour' collection. Inspired by the birth of a new generation of women in Hollywood, his pieces embodied the power and confidence of femininity. Pieces were classically elegant, featuring beautiful fabrics of silk chiffons, linens and organza's tailored to a timeless silhouette. Hair and make-up emphasised this, adding a touch of glamour in a reference to the 40's. Founded by the Italian born and New York based Gabrielli, the designer graduated in Fashion and Costume Design and has designed for high end labels for a number of years. Ending the collection with a black, layered ball-gown, Gabrielli had most definitely succeeded in designing for the strong and confident woman.

Text by Josh Walker - VFS Contributor
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Images by Rebecca Andrews