A soothing oriental soundtrack played over an expressive video for the opening of Ji Cheng’s ‘Teaism’ collection. The film depicted the global significance of tea culture, highlighting that the once ancient Chinese tradition of tea making has grown into a worldwide practice. Cheng’s Spring/Summer 13 collection takes inspiration from the unifying quality of tea culture, which has travelled from East to West, uniting different cultures along its path. In a similar manner, Cheng unites East and West by blending the Eastern theme of tea with Western tailoring.
Models floated down the runway scattered with tea wearing soft silks and organic cotton. The colour palette was natural, ranging from shades of green, taupe, black and white. Cheng played with texture by integrating tassels and delicate pleats into garments. Tasteful high neck tops and dresses echoed the refined reputation of tea making as “the most dignified way to entertain guests.”
Whilst the collection is reserved, it is simultaneously sensual; sheer silks and dresses with deep V backs revealed flesh with sensitivity. Peplum shapes emphasised the hips, praising the female silhouette. Understated colours and fabrics were contrasted with dramatic shapes and makeup. Ample skirts, conical bamboo hats and vibrant geisha makeup brought vivacity to Ji Cheng’s otherwise exquisitely subtle collection.

Text by Jennie Watson
Images by Kevin Chesnais