COLLECTION| Kingston University

The Freemasons Hall grand vestibule played host to the fourth Kingston MA degree show  here with VFS. The home of new talent is proud to welcome back the university, as their latest class of students graduate into the industry alongside seasoned designers at London Fashion Week in front of the world media.

The presentation of collections consisted of an exhibition of garments, fashion products and films, as well as a salon debut. Laura Buechners static project sponsored by Givaudan/Sense, explored our sense of smell and stimulus. Shapes had been sensually constructed to create a conceptually sculptured dress. A collaboration with InCrops lent to a innovatively unique project; scientific experiments concluded as rice crystal forged heels, created by Julia Skergeth.

Suspense was high as the runway was invaded by models donning collections from the 12 of the elite designers. Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse made her bid for title as the next Iris Van Herpen with her intricately laser cut wooden sculpture accessories. Post modernism & traditions from Holland were updated with futuristic techniques; a metamodern take on reality in “Luctor et Emergo”, translation; “I struggle and rise”.

Gin Lee took quintessential menswear tailoring and flipped it on its head with knitted creatures from another dimension. Exaggerated outwear, extended arms in a variety of brushed wools and a sugary sweet palette. Collars crept out from beneath the considered monstrosities in her humorous take on tradition; Teletubbies and all.

Head boy of a boarding school goes girl was the first thought that sprung to mind when Richard Thornn's collection hit the catwalk. Old man dressing gowns, a dull grey palette, pinstripes and piped edges, cropped blazers and drop crotch shorts made up the majority of looks, in a collection inspired by memories of being removed from his home as a child.

The new 90s grunge print, audaciously exposing slashes, the anti-camouflage; if the Kingston MA graduates have any say on the evolution of fashion we are looking towards a bright young future.

Text by Madeleine Ayers (@MadeleineAyers)
Images by Rebecca Andrews