COLLECTION| Manuela Dack S/S13

Vauxhall Fashion Scout veteran, Manuela Dack is always beautiful and chic. Celebrated for combining leather and silk in powerful, but feminine ways, Dack is known for her elegant pieces that are statement but have intricate detailing and elements of hand craft. The Spring Summer '13 collection did not deviate from this style; inspired by tropical greenhouses and the juxtaposition of architectural lines, and organic shapes that provided an impressive contrast in aesthetics.

The presentation was like entering into a dream world; slow moving models, a hypnotic soundtrack and an assemblage of mirrors and plants at the centre of the room all created an ethereal feel. Models dressed entirely in white begin to circle the room in an almost ghost-like fashion, donning beautiful combinations of softs silks and patent leather, accessorised with iridescent clutch bags and holographic jelly shoes. The uniformity of the white is in parts dishevelled by fringed leather or woven strips that create a fabric that looks as if it is unravelling. The subtle inclusion of animal skin touches make reference to the natural elements that Dack is in parts inspired by. The soft, perfectly cut blouses prove Dack's superior cutting skills and her focus on silhouette, which combined with more geometric skirts with sharp edges are a perfect acknowledgment of her original inspirations.

As the music builds and takes on a more electro feel, colour starts to make it's way elusively into the collection. Touches of pale blues and oranges creep into fringing that also starts to introduce movement and fluidity. Sheer blouses begin to add a more daring look to an otherwise so far very innocent style and this develops as billowing silk gowns begin to move seamlessly around the room almost as if they are not touching the ground. Small fringing along the edges creates an oriental feel furthered by the elegantly plaited hair that all of the models have been styled with. The collection from Manuela Dack is stunningly exquisite and graceful and is a testament to herself and to her statement style.

Text by Katie Agar (@katie_agar)
Images by Rebecca Andrews