COLLECTION| Melissa Diamantidi S/S13

A collection with the purpose of exploring the power of light and our perception of it, Melissa Diamantidi's S/S13 collection was a journey through nothing but. The show started with white pieces that whispered fragility. The show continued to move onto black pieces that enforced a sense of power. All simple in their design, clean in their cut and sculpted in an architectural, avant-garde style, power was combined with beauty and fragility with strength. Featuring subtle zip details, the transparent features on the fresh looking fabrics seemed to flirt with seduction, creating a timeless silhouette of textures and abstract angles. The silks and reflective materials used only served in re-enforcing that abstract, altered perception of light the designer was hoping to achieve.
A graduate of the prestigious Parson's School of Design in New York, she launched the label in 2009, creating statement pieces. Since then, she's produced all of her pieces in London. Her S/S13 collection was inspired by the American avant-garde artist Anthony McCall, referencing his sculptural experiments with light to produce something ready for the catwalk. The young-looking, simple hair and make up, combined with the repetitive music and the garments transformed Diamantidi's collection into an elegant, structured yet beautifully wearable collection.

Text by Josh Walker (@josh_walker_)
Images by Stephanie Matti