COLLECTION| Myrza de Muynck S/S13

Former Ones to Watch designer Myrza Muynck was back for the second time here at Vauxhall Fashion Scout today to showcase her new Spring Summer '13 collection. The designer, who is known to like mixing inspirations, styles and combinations of fabrics, gave a really unique presentation in the upstairs vestibule. As the slow, elegant music began, one of the models walked out into the space in a graceful walk and began to beat drums in a slow rhythmic beat over the top of the music creating a really interesting contrast. The remainder of the models floated into the room and began a series of static poses, reflective of the music.

The collection featured muted hues of pale pink, white and grey with injections of lime green, mint green and yellow and an outfit of black embellished velvet that gave the collection an evening look. The overall tone was sportswear inspired, but in fabrics of linen and cotton that were extremely wearable. The silhouettes were relatively loose fitting and comprised mostly of matching separates but also an interpretation of the 80's romper. Knee length styles had a childish element to them, furthered by the cute bow embellishments and coloured sneakers.

The details made the collection; the beading was either in a linear grid patterns or circular art deco style designs that gave the collection a 20's glamour feel. Myrza is known to favour combining different decades in her work, mixing decorative features of the early 20th century with contemporary styles and shapes. She is known for putting a lot of effort into small details and it is very effective, the panelling was intricate and some of the details were adorable, a bow on the back of the trousers that was almost tail-like for example. Myrza, who was born in the Netherlands, is known to have said that “dutch people like to look plain but at the same time they are relatively wealthy”, and this contrast in her heritage is sure to be what inspires the juxtaposition in styles in her designs.

Text by Katie Agar (@katie_agar)
Images by Rebecca Andrews