Nova Chiu SS13 Catwalk Show from VAUXHALL FASHION SCOUT on Vimeo.

The burst of kaleidoscopic, nomadic-inspired prints at Nova Chiu last season were tranquilised this afternoon as we bared witness to ‘Bon Voyage’. The luxurious SS 13 collection instead flourished with a precious palette of digitally printed landscapes, paying homage to the design duo’s transatlantic adventures.

Enticing the audience with a modest home video projection, we were transfixed the moment a rhythmic beat pulsated through the show room, continuing the essence of oriental. Despite a new focus on functional, clean cuts, we were reminded again why these designers earned the prestigious title ‘Collection of the Year’ from LCF in 2011; batwing kimonos, exposing bow tie fastenings and structured, textured skirts oozed elegance and luxury.

If only every home holiday video transpired this way, into exquisitely cut silk and satin trouser suits and cropped blouses.

Pushing that concept to the back of ours minds and focusing on the manipulated garments that oozed a royal rainbow of colour, we admired subtle fringing, unique draping and severe cut V-necks. All enriched the woodland and river prints with a strong, feminine injection.

The result was electrifying, maturely and magnificently so.

Freya Hill (@Freyahilltalkin)
Images by Lauren Marsh