EXCLUSIVE| Designer Interviews at the launch for Vauxhall's new supermini- Adam


Vauxhall have teamed up with three of Britain's most innovative designers to create three customised cars for the launch of their new supermini, Adam. Available in three trims, the Adam car blends your own sense of style and taste with classic Vauxhall detailing and top-of-the-range components. 

Fred Butler, Louise Gray and Vauxhall Fashion Scout designer James Small worked with mentors and the designers at Vauxhall to designer three one-of-a-kind cars to celebrate these individualised cars. Vauxhall Fashion Scout caught up with the designers at the launch party of the Adam car & exclusive behind-the-scenes film. 

Fred Butler

You collaborated with Vauxhall this season on designers for their new ADAM car; how did you find the experience and what drew you to take on board the project?
I've never done a car before and I don't think i'd ever get the opportunity to do it again so it was amazing. I love trying out different things, anything that comes my way.

What was the experience like?
Brilliant because it was very free- we could do whatever we wanted. I really enjoy doing origami so that is what I did, and then I made it big.

What do you think of Vauxhall Fashion Scout , have you managed to see anything this season?
Brilliant, yeah really exciting. I haven't because I was finishing my own collection but I came to Pam Hogg yesterday after my show.

We caught up with Fred again later on after the premiere of the new Vauxhall ADAM film and advert.

What did you think of the film?
I think it's fantastic, the mentor side of it; it's captured that forever. I don't think anyone necessarily would have been able to get all of those people together so yeah.

What was it about Diane (Pernet; Fred's mentor for the project) that inspired you?
Just her really; always being so open, friendly and supportive.

James Small 

What drew you to the project initially and what was your experience working with Vauxhall like?

I've worked with Vauxhall for many a season and they've been very supportive and they're very open minded. They don't really put any pressure on us to change our designs or our viewpoints and they're very creative in their own way. I went over to Germany and met their whole design team and they're an amazing bunch; very creative and we all got along.

Words by Madeleine Ayers (@MadeleineAyers)