Chinese-British born designer Lu Liu launched her label titled Lulu Liu after graduating from London College of Fashion. Known for her hand drawn prints, her work is celebrated for its use of art and craftsmanship. She’s here at Vauxhall Fashion Scout presenting her Spring Summer 2013 collection after her success last season. Gaining experience working at Giles, she is ready with her own brand expressing her love for art and print. Here she talks excitedly about embracing the summer mood and her influences for her latest collection

You’ve used a lot of print this season, how were these created?
Everything is hand painted; it’s interesting this way because you can see all the mistakes like the brush marks and the raw edges that make the prints special.

You graduated from London College of Fashion last year, are there any influences you’ve used in this collection?
I like art, you can see with the print designs, this collection I looked at Dali and his use of surrealism and illusion.

How has this collection progressed from the previous one?
Last collection I felt was really dark, this time I thought about being really funky because I wanted to embrace the summer. So there is a lot of reference to sweet colours with fabrics like silk organza and cotton.

There are a lot of separates, it’s very fun how do you see the pieces together?
It’s good because, I always think about the customer and it’s fun for summer because you can mix and match different fabrics and wear each top with a different skirt or pair of trousers.

You’ve been at Vauxhall Fashion Scout before, what are you looking forward to this season?
I love it here because there are so many designers, it’s always exciting. I like to come back to see new things every time. I’m hoping it gives me more opportunities for my brand.

Text by Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack.co.uk)
Images by Rebecca Andrews