Stocked within Selfridges with full control of their own branding, Duncan Shaw and Billy Yick formerly known as MASC are showcasing all week in the exhibition centre here at LFW. Spring/Summer 13 is the season they are representing in their show place, clean cut lines and block colour shaping is present. Having both studied at Nottingham University, the duo both spent time in Paris after graduation, MASC was created basing Paris as a stepping stone for the business that it is today.

Their S/S 13 pieces had a signature look to them, each in dark tones with soft colour paneling, cut to perfection. This brand certainly know  their selling points and how to progress even further as a brand. VFS managed to catch up with the two masterminds behind the brand, Duncan Shaw and Billy Yick.

What was the collection inspired by?
Geometry and folding especially the japenese craft has always been a big inspiration. This season we particularly looked at the construction of aeroplane wings.

How long did the collection take to make?
Not long as we have a great team behind us. Myself and Duncan develop all the ideas and then begin to drape and draw.

Do you have a lot of help within the studio, production wise?
We have pattern cutters that make the pieces together for us as well as a factory in East London that we also work with.

Text by Lora O’Callaghan (@loraocallaghan)
Images by Rebecca Andrews