EXHIBITION| One's to Watch Charlotte Simpson S/S13

Featured in prestigious publications Elle, Vogue and i-D, Charlotte Simpson, winner of the Zandra Rhodes Textile Award, seduced the Ones To Watch audience as her understated designs graced the SS 13 catwalk. Vauxhall Fashion Scout spoke with the British designer after the show to gain an insight into her inspirations and developments.

Your current collection shares the same inspiration as your ‘Biological Dimensions’ show, what made you continue in this direction?
I still get a lot of inspiration from the same imagery, there’s a lot of interesting microscopy photography out there so there was still a lot for me to explore, and there still is.

Will we see this inspiration transpiring into future collections then?
Probably a development of, but in a different direction.

What initially attracted you to researching biological images?
It was research when I was at university into a specific subject – the imagery really caught my attention.

Can you talk us through the beautiful colour palette you have chosen to work with?
Yes! The colour palettes are based on scientific imagery as well so there’s a lot of … well.. they take the photos in black and white and then add the colours afterwards so it’s normally quite vivid. So that’s why the pastels and quite bright citrus come in.

How do you feel you have developed as a designer since studying at LCF?
My last collection, my MA collection, was specifically done for show purposes so it wasn’t really that feasible. Now I’ve had the chance to do a collection I’m really gearing towards sales.

How have people reacted to your collection?
There’s been really good feedback - a lot of people come to the VFS shows. It’s been really positive so far, everyone seems to have really like it – which is great!

How do you feel about being a Vauxhall Fashion Scout Ones To Watch designer?
It’s been really great; I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been wonderful to have the show and to gain that experience and to get the exposure. I was really pleased to find out I was a Ones To Watch designer, it was really great to get the chance to show.

What can we expect to see from you next?
Hopefully another collection! A development on but with a similar aesthetic. But it won’t be the same thing!

Freya Hill (@Freyahilltalkin)
Images by Rebecca Andrews