EXHIBITION| Taeseok Kang

On the surface, Taeseok Kang’s collection has all the appearance of a luxe-commercial brand; using a classic combination of black leather and metallic gold embellishments.  However, on closer inspection the MA ‘Fashion Artefact‘ graduate surprises his audience with the use of hair and the unique construction of each piece.  We spoke to Kang to find out exactly what his inspiration was for the collection:
My inspiration is Sexual Curiousity, which stems from my childhood and cultural background in Korea.  At that time it was really conservative; sexuality or sexualisation were not included in Sexual Education.  It was because of this that I am fascinated by the idea of Sexual Curiousity - almost like it is Pandora’s Box.  I am using hair, metal and leather; the colour black represents the concept.”

The juxtaposition between Kang’s intended audience and his controversial concept, mirrors the confused state from which his theme arose; thus adding to the personal - almost autobiographical - nature of the collection.  

Text by Abigail Gurney-Read
Images by Rebecca Andrews, and Lauren Marsh