GRADUATE SHOWCASE| Sarah Mower and Martyn Roberts celebrate the success of VFS Graduate Showcase

The graduate showcase was a triumph at this years LFW. A variety of looks were seen throughout the prestigious Freemasons Hall, with graduates from various universities across England. The University of Westminster was a popular choice this year where as only one RCA student presented this year but she did not disappoint, Shubham Jain welcomed us with luxurious silks screen printed to perfection. Chloe Jones was also present, this years GFW double award winner, brought three designs from her winning collection, critics and fashionistas were interested to see her work if they hadn’t already.

Sarah Mower MBE, ambassador for the British Fashion Council was also present alongside Hilary Alexander who both stressed the importance of graduates within the fashion industry. Even speaking to the designers, they know what they're doing, why they're doing it and what they want to say.”

Each designer presented three looks each, an eclectic mix of fabrics, printing, beading and bonding. The graduates are constantly providing us with a notion of trends to come as well as pushing the boundaries of imagination. With the presentation lasting through till Friday afternoon, it definitely set a level of excitement for the London Fashion Week, with all eyes of the best of British.

Martyn Roberts, Director of Vauxhall Fashion Scoutreflected on what he thought of the showcase and the success it has received.

“I think it’s amazing. There are a lot of people very interested in new designers. There’s a great new wave of fresh designers at the moment, which is fantastic.”

Text by Lora O'Callaghan
Images by Rebecca Andrews