GRADUATE SHOWCASE| Shubham Jain, Adam Jamieson and Hannah Duckworth

University of Westminster graduate, Hannah Duckworth developed captivating, colour block looks and based her inspiration on sportswear luxe mixed with her other love, menswear; the resulting shapely silhouettes with bonded silks, complimented the designer's statement hat pieces. 

Also a graduate from the University of Westminister, Adam Jamieson's all gold, dazzling array of frayed looks- inspired by Christmas- worked to make a collection truly captivating to the eye. Frayed hems, statement necklines and billowing fabric around the shoulders added to the attentive detail. The young designer also explained that there's a "real festive aura" about each piece. 

Royal College of Art grad, Shubham Jain specialises in womenswear- already establishing a known use of bold colours and focus on structured pieces. Jain pushes boundaries with her silks, injected with sharp colours, which run downwards towards the hem. With a working-preference for screen printing delicate fabrics, Shubham has made the whole process appear effortless.

Text by Lora O'Callaghan- VFS Contributor
Images by Alice Luker