INTERNATIONAL RECEPTION| Interview with Fashion Monitor's Associate Editor Laura Hinttula

The International Reception with Fashion Monitor is in full swing in the Exhibition Space at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.  Amidst the various designers and industry members, we found and spoke to Laura Hinttula, Deputy-Editor at Fashion Monitor:

“I’m wearing Patrick Li today, who is launching his first collection for Spring/Summer.  The inspiration has come from early cubism and he studied at the Royal College of Art in Womenswear.  We have here, a 15-piece strong collection of his work.  His style is right up my street; it brings my whole outfit together.  It’s a statement piece but still very minimalistic.  I have to be careful though because it’s so white! 

This is my first day at Vauxhall Fashion Scout this season.  We always work very closely with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and cover the designers when we can.  We like to be there, supporting the young designers who are trying to brake through into the industry, as you do.  As a media, we try to bring the word out there as much as we can, because I know it can be really difficult to brake through; in fashion especially.  London is known for young designers, so it is the best place to be to spot the talent.  Someone like Patrick, it’s his first collection, we will be there when he is young and starting out and then hopefully support every designer on their way.  Whether you work in fashion, or PR, or in the creative industry, our service provides you with exact details and up-to-date information.” 

Interview by Abigail Gurney-Read (@AbbyGurneyRead)
Images by Stephanie Matti