INTERVIEW| Alek Wek walks for Das Collection

VFS: Hi Alek, how are you finding London Fashion Week so far?
AW: It's nice. I don't really get a chance to come that often so it's really nice to come back. I used to live in London, I was discovered in a park here [laughs] and I have family that live here so it's really nice. I think that at London Fashion Week, you really see so many shows but you can see so many talents and I think that's what is really special about London.

VFS: Have you seen any designers that have particularly impressed you?
AW: I did Phillip Treacy yesterday which was really cool. It was very chilling because I thought it was just inspiration from Michael Jackson but it was actually the whole wardrobe from his tour so it was just really amazing.

VFS: Sounds amazing! Are you looking forward to walking for DAS collection?
AW: Of course, yes and the girls are just really so sweet and they're really really good I love the colours in there. I think that's what's really nice about London Fashion Week is the diversity between the different designers.

VFS: And how are you finding your first time here at Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
AW: Yes it is very inspiring! Because of course I also design handbags so it is just really refreshing to be able to see other designers and what they have in store.

Interview by Katie Agar, VFS contributor (follow on Twitter @katie_agar)
Photography by Asia Werbel