INTERVIEW| Guy Hipwell, Director of Fashion156 talks to Vauxhall Fashion Scout ahead of Graduate Showcase

The Vauxhall Fashion Scout Graduate Showcase is the opening event for Vauxhall Fashion Scout S/S13. Celebrating and supporting the freshest graduating talent from universities across the country, this is the only place at London Fashion Week to meet tomorrow's design icons. 

Collaborating with Fashion156, the online creative magazine that creates a platform to launch the best of new and exciting talent entering the Fashion Industry. Fashion156 Director Guy Hipwell joins Vauxhall Fashion Scout, curating the space and aiding these bright new graduates on the path to their future careers. 
We caught up with Guy to find more about the background behind Fashion156 and his ideas for this season's amazing Graduate Showcase. 

This is your second season working with Vauxhall Fashion Scout on the Graduate Showcase. What is it that keeps bringing you back? 
It just mirrors exactly the ethos and reasons I set up Fashion156 - to support the strong talent coming through our fashion schools each and every year. Graduates need all the support possible, especially with the current challenging economic climate. 

Fashion156 is a "celebratory platform" for new design talent. Why do you think the Graduate Showcase is such an important part of supporting these emerging designers? 
I am very impressed with the whole support behind the showcase, the mentoring Vauxhall Fashion Scout offer and that is it not just a one-day wonder. So many pay lip service to the graduate collections, but this showcase goes so much further.

Pressure for Graduates continues to get more intense. What advice would you give to new and up-coming design Graduates entering the Fashion Industry? 
Quality and attention to details are so important, especially as everything is documented and shared so readily on social media. Try to buy the best possible fabrics you can afford and take time to ensure you have the best possible fit. Finally mix up some strong show pieces, with other outfits that have an element of wearability. 

As Director of Fashion156, you are constantly looking out for inspiring and interesting Graduate Talent. What is it that you look for in new designers? 
Authenticity. So many graduates get side tracked and produce collections that are taking too much literal inspiration from the big name established houses. Try to add some unique elements that are totally personal to you, such as buttons you removed from some old school uniforms, trims you found in a junk store, or a jacket you've sprayed the perfect sky blue with car spray.  

The Graduate Showcase is the highlight of the Graduate student calender and takes place from 10.00am-1.00pm on Friday 14th September. For more information, go to the VFS website by clicking here.