INTERVIEW| House of Evolution Designers - Danilo Gabrielli, Lug von Siga and DB Berden

The House of Evolution show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout this year showcased three big talents. We were able to interview these designers and this is what they had to say:

Danilo Gabirelli
What was the inspiration behind the SS13 collection?
The inspiration was the late 1920s and the beginning of the 30s, about the glamour of Hollywood.

You're known for designing collections to make women feel confident. What is it that drives you to do this?
I think clothes should be a reflection of the soul, so it helps people to be more strong; confident. I try to achieve that through my clothes and dressing them in beautiful dresses. Beautiful in terms of detail; cut; being feminine with a raw edge.

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is renown for nurturing new and upcoming designers; how have you found your experience here today?
It's amazing. They gave me the ability to focus on the creativity such as the make-up, the hair and the final look. The event its-self is so glamorous, I love it. It reflects who I am and who I want to design for. 

Lug Von Siga
VFS: Hi Gül, how did the show go?
GA: Yes very well thank you did you watch it?

VFS: Yes, we thought it was beautiful! What were the inspirations behind it?
GA: The traveller going from Japan, with all the white and black stripes, to India, wandering and travelling between space and time and then ending up with the Grand Bazaar.

VFS: Do you have any advice for young designers going into the industry?
GA: They should get experience before they start their own business because creativity is not enough. You need to work and understand how the different fabrics work.

VFS: Any words on Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
GA: It was wonderful, we had an easy time and everything was in order, thank you!

DB Berdan
VFS: Hi Begum, can you just tell us a little bit about the inspirations behind the collection?
BB: It all started with the 1900's. We chose that era because it's vivid and we call the collection high society.

VFS: It's a really commercial collection. Do you think that's important?
BB: Yes, it is commercial but also there is more edgy stuff. We used a lot of beading techniques, embroidery and French lace.

VFS: So how is it, you and your mum working together with different ideas?
BB: It's amazing. When we design, she designs and I design something else but it mixes up together. We are so close together, she is my everything and so we are actually completing each other.

VFS: And lastly, what do you think about Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
BB: It's a really good platform and I am really proud of ourselves for getting here!

Interview by Katie Agar (@katie_agar) and Madeleine Ayers (@MadeleineAyers)
Images by Asia Werbel and Ryan Bater