INTERVIEW| Leutton Postle

It's the last day of Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and what better way to start the climax of events than with Leutton Postle, who always give us exciting, bold collections. Known for their use of colour, innovation and hand-craft, the perfect pairing that is Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle channel all of their wonderful creativity into diverse, electric designs. VFS caught up with the two of them before the show to find out a little bit about SS13.

VFS: Hi Sam and Jenny, can you give us an insight into the starting point of the collection?
JP: The inspirations were traditional textiles techniques, patch working, collage and beading.
SL: We started with looking at traditional patterns like argyle and really simple old fashioned patterns and then we re-worked it and kind of messed it up a bit and mixed that in with old tasselling techniques so that's why the macrame, fringing and beading are in there. Then we whacked a load of glitter in to give it a bit of a disco feel but also quite tropical.

VFS: The hand-working techniques are really interesting, why did you choose to do that?
SL: We've concentrated a lot on finish this season, we made our fabrics on different machines so we are still doing all of the hand-finishing but we are using more sophisticated fabrics and polishing the shape and finish, retaining that craft element that we have.

Interviews by Katie Agar (@katie_agar)
Photography by Lauren Marsh