INTERVIEW| Myrza de Muynck

Myrza de Muynck is known for collections that have fascinating starting points and an intelligent approach to fashion design. She does something really different to other designers, approaching the presentation of her collection in a unique way with juxtaposed musical beats and models gracefully floating, almost dancing, in and out of the room. VFS caught up with Myrza after the show to find out a little more about the collection and the show.

VFS: Hi Myrza, we saw the show and loved it! What was the starting point of the collection?
Myrza: It was a continuation of what i've been doing before so I saw a book about Holland mania and I thought it was interesting to have that 'mania' about something. In the 1920's it was Egyptomania so there is some Egyptian things in there with the embroideries because in the twenties a lot of the references were Egyptian so I put that in there. That was combined with sort of casuals and sportswear influences.

VFS: There was a really interesting juxtaposition with the music, where did that come from?
Myrza: I wanted it to slow down and be a bit awkward, less fast and sort of combining old with something new, being sort of nostalgic but in a new way.

VFS: What fabrics were you using for the collection?
Myrza: I used a lot of linen, and cotton, towelling and tulle. Summery fabrics basically.

VFS: So how have you found Vauxhall Fashion Scout as a whole?
Myrza: It's really really great. They support you and they've been wonderful. And the venue is beautiful! It's been amazing.

Interview by Katie Agar
Image by Rebecca Andrews