INTERVIEW| President of the Shenzhen Garment Association

Since being established in 1988, the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association has been the organisation responsible for the promotion, and consequent rise in profile, of young designers in both the Shenzhen and Global fashion industries; operating events such as the Shenzhen International Apparel Fair, and the Shenzhen International Fashion Week.  Vauxhall Fashion Scout were honoured to have the opportunity to speak with Madam Shen Yong Fang, President of the Shenzhen Garment Association, following the success of the ‘Fashion Shenzhen‘ show.      

Can you tell us a bit about the Shenzhen Garment Industry?
The Shenzhen Fashion Industry is very famous and well known in China’s domestic market; especially in women’s fashion.  

What did you think of this season’s collection?
I think the designs that we bring to London, as well as the two fashion shows that were here today, can represent Chinese culture and what the designers are doing nowadays in Shenzhen.  

This is your fifth time showing in London; what is it that makes you choose to return?
We also have fashion shows in Shenzhen, and we think that London Fashion Week is an excellent chance for us to study and learn something from.  We also want to bring the Chinese culture and Chinese designs to London and the UK.

Both of the designers that were shown here today were so different, yet both reflected elements of Chinese culture.  Do you think it is important for designers to demonstrate their heritage within their designs?
I agree.  It is very important to have some kind of Chinese culture in the design; the Chinese culture is the soul and essence of the design.  I want to bring some kind of Chinese Culture to present to the world.  If it is Chinese, it belongs to the world.  

Finally, why do you think it is so important to continue supporting these young designers?  
I think the future belongs to the young fashion designers.  If we help the young designers to develop and showcase their work, fashion can have a very bright future.

Text by Abigail Gurney-Read (@AbbyGurneyRead)
Image by Kevin Chesnais