INTERVIEW| Rebekah Roy on styling VFS Ones to Watch

Coming off an amazing Ones To Watch SS13 presentation featuring designs from Charlotte Simpson, Hana Cha, Hellen Van Rees and Ming Pin Tien, VFS caught up with Rebekah Roy after the show to talk about putting together the looks and how it was working with the young designers. Rebekah commented on her love for Vauxhall Fashion Scout and its support for emerging designers as well as the different looks she enjoyed the most.
I take each designer differently and try to find a balance with hair and make-up. I adore the designers. I like watching the designers grow. Ones to Watch has become such an important and significant show. They are all so different, so unique, so special.
[Graduate designs] have to be creative but wearable at the same time. Some designers say the most flattering thing is when you see a stranger wearing your pieces.
She ended the interview praising Vauxhall Fashion Scout saying “I’ll do anything for Vauxhall Fashion Scout. It offers support and mentoring”
Interview by Jennie Watson & Vanessa O (@wewearblack)