INTERVIEW| Susie Bubble at Vauxhall Fashion Scout S/S13

You've been to quite a few of the shows here this season at Vauxhall Fashion Scout; what is your impression of what the off-schedule platform has to offer?
"A lot of the people who are showing here at Vauxhall Fashion Scout have done Central Saint Martins MA, and it's a shame that they can't go on schedule, but what off schedule provides is a platform for them to show their work and people like Leutton Postle, who I think are a really amazing artisanal knitwear duo, you know, they've got something really fresh to say. It's great that they get to do a show like this."

What has been your impression of London Fashion Week SS13 so far?
"Really great. Everyone's really pushing it in terms of fabric innovation, pushing different textures so from my point of view I think it's really fantastic."

Words by Madeleine Ayers (@MadeleineAyers)
Photography by Kevin Chesnais