INTERVIEW|'s Jessica Bumpus on VFS's Sabina Bryntesson

Interviewed as part of the VFS x Browns Blog Takeover, Fashion Features Editor of, Jessica Bumpus picked CSM MA grad, Sabina Bryntesson as one to keep an eye on. Having presented in the Freemasons Vestible this evening, Bryntesson more than lived up to the acclaim; we caught up with Jessica post-presentation, who had this to say:

VFS: Hi Jessica. When we interviewed you for the Browns Blog, you identified Sabina as a one to watch. What made Sabina's work stand out?
JB: I really like her austere, clean aesthetic and I love the way it's very contemporary with the hats and the way it's styled. There's something really interesting and different about her and I feel like I haven't seen that before. I kind of feel like there's a controlled feeling about it and it's quite calm as well.

VFS: It's really intelligent the way that the music interacts with the collection.
JB: Exactly and I think you can really tell the kind of girl that she is and who she is designing for. It's really interesting and I really like what she's doing.

Interview by Katie Agar (@katie_agar), intro by Sara McAlpine (@sara_mcalpine)