Royal College of Art graduate Emma J Shipley debuted her collection of luxury scarves at London Fashion Week in February 2011. Showcasing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, the designer’s creations have gained attention for their beautifully intricate patterns which all derive from Emma’s original pencil drawings. Nature’s hidden treasures create the backdrop of inspiration for her work where artistic vision and technical work meet. Her modern interpretation of some of Britain’s great artists comes together with scientific theories of evolution that create stories within the scarves themselves. She has since been picked up by Browns, Fenwick, and Wolf & Badger here in London. The young designer is now over in our Paris Showrooms where she hopes to expand her brand internationally. Vauxhall Fashion Scout caught up with Emma J Shipley in Paris: 
What has the initial response been to your S/S13 collection? 
I've had a great response to the collection. People have commented that it is very unique and something they haven't seen before, which is great because that is what I wanted to achieve.
Is there a favourite piece/ look from the collection/ a look that you feel encapsulates your aesthetic?
The Amazon Jungle silk chiffon scarf. It's one of the most simple pieces, in that its direct translation of my original drawing, in monochrome colour. I would say it encapsulates my collection perfectly.
What is the importance of showcasing your collection in Paris?
It is so important for sales as most 'serious business' is done in Paris. It also gives us amazing exposure to buyers from all around the world such as the far east and USA.
As a platform, what support that VFS has provided you with this season that you are most grateful for?
The fantastic amount (and quality) of press generated - people in the industry really respect the VFS name and choices. Also the opportunity to show us in Paris, which can be prohibitively expensive and daunting for new designers.
What will you be doing in Paris outside of the VFS showroom- making the most of the surrounding city, or taking much deserved respite from the pace of recent weeks?
Definitely making the most of the city... It's still exciting to be in Paris even if it is for work! I have some friends over for fashion week who I'll meet up with and I have had some good tips for restaurants and galleries that I want to make time for.
Emma's full collection will be on display at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom until 2nd October 2012.