REVIEW| Fashion Fringe 2012

Being the platform that VFS is, supporting and exposing the best in emerging designer talent is our top priority. With shared aims, it's no surprise we've developed a good relationship and closely follow the work of Colin McDowell's Fashion Fringe. The closing show of London Fashion Week, three finalists, Haizhen Wang, Teija Eilola and Vita Gottlieb showcased three very different collections, for one to be chosen as the winner by the creative force behind Burberry and Fashion Fringe's chair Christopher Bailey. 

Wang's pieces walked the catwalk first. Influenced by the work of architect Santiago Calatrava, blacks, greys and a flash of blue encompassed his structured, clean lined and feminine pieces in a powerful display of design. Eilola's garments brought her Finnish roots to London. Simple and feminine pieces of an earthly palette were focused on beautifully cut and draped fabrics. Gottlieb's very cultural and detailed creations displayed a mix of unique textures and prints in the implementation of figure hugging silhouettes. 

After speeches from Colin McDowell and Christopher Bailey on the hard work, journey and passion of the designers, it was Haizhen Wang who Bailey announced the Fashion Fringe 2012 winner. With designers such as Fyodor Golan holding the title previously, Wang's future looks set to be nothing but bright. With three collections that all deserved their place on the catwalk, there really isn't much better than seeing the best in upcoming talent, exposed to the masses. 

By VFS contributor, Josh Walker. Follow him on Twitter @josh_walker_
Images from WWB and Haizhen Wang's website