SPONSOR| The Body Shop

Vauxhall Fashion Scout caught up with The Body Shop's Head Make-Up Artist LAN Ngyuen's assistant for LFW- Sandra Cormack - to discuss working with VFS, and London Fashion Week highlights so far. Here's what she had to say:

What do you enjoy about working at VFS?
The buzz of it; everybody working together; the mayhem of it. You know at one time one model can be getting toes, nails, hair and makeup all at once. And it’s just an honor and a privilege to be able to assist here. You know lots of people would give an arm and leg to do this so it’s an amazing opportunity for anyone.

What’s been your favourite show to work on in the four seasons you've worked with VFS?
Yesterday was really good- [for me] it was zeynup. Her clothes were amazing, and the make up look was fresh and natural look.

What do you think of VFS as a platform for emerging designers?
I think its great, I think the website is great, lots of information. Lots of creative people I think it’s an amazing platform for people to have that opportunity to showcase their work.

What do you think body shop brings to the VFS team?
The Body Shop have great makeup, great range of product. Its ethical, which is a good thing. Great products, which give great results.

Interview by Maaike Dijkstra
Images by Asia Werbel