SPONSOR| VFS welcomes Beach Blanket Babylon and their Pop-up Bar to LFW

Providing the perfect atmosphere in the Media Lounge here at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, Beach Blanket Babylon Bar has been creating drinks for guests using Zeo - the new sophisticated, adult drink; made using a gentle blend of wild berries, herbs, spices and fine-grain extracts - and finishing off with fresh fruit and rosemary that have created a light mood and atmosphere. 

VFS caught up with Peter Zaar  from BBB to find out how he is finding Vauxhall Fashion Scout this year.

VFS: Hi Peter, so have you seen designs that have impressed you?
P: Yes. Especially these scarves, they are mind blowing [talking about Emma J Shipley]. I am so happy with everything. This is what London is all about, about new designers, it's stunning. Being a former model myself, I think London is all about new designers and they are just coming show after show all the time. We are having an amazing time down there [in the media lounge] and I have to say Vauxhall Fashion Scout is one of my favourite contract at the moment, we are really happy.

VFS: That's great! What do you think of VFS giving a platform to all of these emerging designers?
P: It's great. We have got a great reaction in the media lounge as well. Using all of the fresh fruits in the drinks, people walk into the media lounge and say 'oh it smells so good in here'. So it great to have the media lounge, it makes people gather around the bar and talking so there's this amazing feeling.

VFS: Have you had a chance to get to any of the shows?
P: Yes. I went to Bernard Chandran last night upstairs (photographed above) and it was amazing. You just walked in and it was like 'Oh my God', Bravo! I haven't been upstairs before and I thought why haven't I walked in this beautiful space. It feels like when I go to the shows in Paris. 

Visit Beach Blanket Babylon for yourself; with bars in Shoreditch and Notting Hill, BBB is the ultimate place to party with friends, or chill with a cocktail after a hard day's work. Check out their website here.

Text by Katie Agar