SPONSORS| Snog returns to Vauxhall Fashion Scout

For all those who have a sweet-tooth, but want to avoid the waist-line that goes with it; our sponsor Snog Frozen Yoghurt, is the perfect treat for you.  Using agave nectar and low-fat organic milk, Snog is the perfect equation of health and happiness; forsaking all of the fat, but none of the flavour.  Vauxhall Fashion Scout are delighted to welcome Snog back as a sponsor for a third season and would like to thank them for continuing to supply us with guilt-free refreshment throughout Fashion Week.   

We spoke to one of the Snog boys during our International Reception event, to find out more about the brand:

Snog is all about pure frozen yoghurt, which is fat-free, sugar-free and organic.  It’s an all-natural product that is made fresh every day, using the best, healthiest ingredients; completely unlike any other.  

Snog is all about health, individuality and people.  The individuality element of Snog is very unique.  We are about supporting young artists, young designers, and our stores really do put something back into the creative industry.  We work with young artists who design our store interiors and our graphic campaigns, so we are a very forward-thinking, fast-moving company.  That is why Vauxhall Fashion Scout ties in with what we are all about.  Snog is for everyone.  

From what we have seen this season; the cuts; the styles; the fabrics; they are all very inventive, and very different from last season.  We are all looking forward to the Pam Hogg show, and Phoebe English will be great as well.  Everything is moving forward very quickly.  This is our third season with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and the momentum which has gained and grown over the past three seasons has been phenomenal.  I think it has been tremendous so far.”   

Vauxhall Fashion Scout would like to thank Snog for being involved in Vauxhall Fashion Scout for another season.  

Words by Abigail Gurney-Read
Photography by Kevin Chesnais and Dani Farrow