Fashion Fringe 2011 winners and Vauxhall Fashion Scout alumni Fyodor Golan showcased their Spring / Summer 2013 collection on the opening day at London Fashion Week on Friday 14th September. The design duo comprised of Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman hail from Latvia and Israel and first showed their collection here at VFS in February 2010. Known for their use of luxury fabrics and detailing their signature look is described as “purity of shape and bespoke fabrications”.

Stained glass and mosaic style patterns adorn the pieces of the new collection with elaborate detailing on luxury fabrics. Jewelled tones of midnight blue, golden yellows, deep reds and oranges add a regal quality to the collection that shows exquisite form and composition. Showcased at the Waldorf hotel, a fitting location for this truly elegant collection the show received rave reviews from online press and who commented on the design duo’s inspirations that come from “somewhere  other and outerwordly”.

“The Blue Tattoo” book by Margot Mifflin is the backdrop of inspiration for the models that looked striking, complete with tribal tattoos representing a story of survival that the book portrays. Contrasting colours and deep meaning come from their other references which include the 1973 film by Alejandro Jodorowsky titled “The Holy Mountain”. Fuelled by spirituality the pieces are rich with history and reference that gives their girl a look of pure opulence never relying on the mediocre. Peplum shapes and ruffles give body to dresses and skirts with beading and embellishment on jackets and blouses that bring to life the woman behind the collection. Intricate components and amazing attention to detail make this a design team Vauxhall Fashion Scout is proud to support.

Text by Vanessa Omoregie, VFS Contributor (@wewearblack)
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