EXCLUSIVE| Inbar Spector Interview

Hi Inbar, thanks for taking the time to talk to Vauxhall Fashion Scout. 
We saw a head-to-toe Autumn/Winter look on Nicole Scherzinger last Saturday evening- how does it feel to know your work was being exposed that night to an audience of over 8.6 million people?
It was a great feeling. I didn't know that it was going to be on TV, so I completely forgot about it and planned a relaxed Saturday night in bed... Out of the blue Twitter went mad with friends telling me about it. It was such a nice surprise!

Your work is often seen on female stars with a strength of character and voice- Paloma Faith, known for her strong voice, and individuality; Nicole Scherzinger, thought of as a powerful, and independent woman; and Florench Welch, whose stage presence is unrivalled- how does it make you feel to see such a diverse group of women wear your clothes, despite their differing styles?
I think you described it very well. The commonality between these artists ladies is that all of them are beautiful and strong; they all have their individual style, and each of them decide themselves what they want to wear- the stylists recommend but the stars are making the decision. A woman doesn't need to be masculine to be strong, she can still be beautiful, sexy, and strong all at the same time. 

What is it about your work that you think attracts these strong, beautiful women? Do you feel proud as a designer knowing these women choose to wear your pieces for occasions when it's important to feel good, strong, and comfortable in their own skin?
It's always nice to listen to an artist in the studio, and to know that in few months from now she might preform in the outfit you're making her.
I think that if you don't feel good in your own skin, you won't like my style. My style is for very confident women; brave [and not] scared to look different. My costumers are usually the women who set the trends, not the ones who follow them.

How do feel having had the opportunity to showcase Autumn/ Winter with VFS- do you think it's contributed to these women's awareness of your pieces?
I believe that London and the international fashion industry is very aware with what is going at VFS. After shows people often tell me how much they love the venue, and how it complemented the atmosphere of the show.

The VFS team is very professional and the venue is beautiful. All the editors and stylists want to find new emerging talent, and everybody knows that VFS finds the talent. I think VFS is one of those few places you can spot [the] new talents that are forcing a change.

Interview by Sara McAlpine

Images from Vogue, Inbar Spector and VFS