NEWS| Emma Shipley in IDOL magazine

Following her recent collaboration with IDOL magazine, luxury scarf designer Emma Shipley talks to the magazine about London Fashion Week and her SS13 collection. The Vauxhall Fashion Scout designer gives IDOL magazine an insight into her world of illustrated exotic animals and the inspiration behind her work.

The magazine commented on her fascinating use of a “half imagined and half real” jungle paradise. The young designer reflects on her trip to the Amazon which brought on inspiration for colours and the exotic atmosphere that runs through the collection. Commenting on her Anthropologie wallpaper launch, Emma Shipley catches up with IDOL on her Premiere Classe award for new accessory designer that she says “gave me a lot of exposure to international buyers”

As well as explaining her hand drawn pencil techniques and her recent collaboration with Tomasz Donocik, the accessories designer talks about working with interior designers where she can bring her own flair to items like wallpaper, rugs and furniture. She goes on explaining how important it is to find a style that is completely your own as advice for other young designers and illustrators.
On how much fun she had with IDOL magazine, Emma says she loved it and enjoyed the freedom of doing “just pure illustration for print” which she says is something she has never done before. “I loved how they ended up in the final images juxtaposed with the fashion shots, I thought it looked really great!”
Text by Vanessa Omoregie, images from IDOL magazine