Vauxhall Fashion Scout have an unrivalled platform for launching new talent and recent VFS addition, Anna October, is quickly developing a substantial following. As Anna joins us in Paris, we take a quick look at the inspiration behind her coveted new collection...

Please tell us about the inspiration and development behind the collection?
This season I was aiming to make a tribute to sky. A dreamy story about sophisticated, intelligent lady, with good manners, who loves art and the same time she is young and cool. It's the first time I used digital prints in my collection. The idea of prints is the view on sky through the digital bad render. This inspiration came to me through the photos made by broken phone camera and  bad internet connection which gives you bad pixelized image. But the same time I like how random and interesting could be the picture when it's destroyed- new colors and textures are appearing. All the printed art works were made in collaboration with artist Dina Lynnik. 

What has the initial response been to your SS13 collection during Paris Fashion Week?
I have already had a good response from buyers and press. They especially liked my digital prints which were created in collaboration with artist, Dina Lynnick.

Is there a favourite piece from the collection or a look which encapsulates your aesthetic?
My favourite piece would have to be a flat printed coat. It is minimalistic and elegant and shows my addiction to combining colours. 

What is the importance of of showcasing your collection in Paris?
It's my first season in Paris, so its very important to see the reaction from buyers and press and to place new orders.

As a platform, what support has VFS provided you with this season?
It has been an amazing experience to be part of the VFS Paris Showroom. I have learnt many new things about the processes involved in your first selling season in a showroom environment. 

What will you be doing in Paris outside of the VFS Paris Showroom?
Going to fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week and meeting with friends. Paris is also a great city for inspiration!

You can view Anna's full collection in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom until 2nd October 2012.