Having displayed his S/S13 collection on our catwalk during the opening day of London Fashion Week as well as showcasing his line in our Exhibition Space for the duration of London Fashion Week - Timur Kim joined us in Paris to present his collection in our showroom as well. A graduate of BA Fashion Design and MA Fashion from Central Saint Martin's, the designer likes to approach his garments with a very fabric led aesthetic. Producing a collection filled with flowing dresses, stark denim and fluid silks, Vauxhall Fashion Scout took the time to talk to Kim on his latest pieces, the label and its inspiration.

How was your S/S13 catwalk show?
[It went] really well. I didn't expect as much exposure. The space was crowded, people were standing and the press were amazing, they really liked it.

What is fashion to you?
It's a clarity. You have an idea and a vision and you need to relate this vision to the market and the real person, to the women.

What inspired this collection?
There hasn't been a particular inspiration. It's basically what felt right and was a vision of my style. It's how I'd like to see my woman dress. It has long dresses, shirts, trousers. If I was a woman, it's what I'd want to wear.

Who is this woman?
It's a young woman who wants to be elegant but stay cool.

What's your background and does it influence your work?
I'm Russian born and then I moved to London at 17. I've been creating collections since I was 16 years old and graduated this February. My background has influenced me but I think being here in London has definitely shaped me more. It gives me this idea of clarity and how to balance things.

What are your plans for the future of the label?
I want to carry on. I need to get stockists and then move forward. I don't want to be this conceptual brand, with me it's more about the clothing.

Do you have any ideas for your next collection?
I do, but I'm not going to say anything about it! I like my corsets though, I want more corsets. I think I've found a good balance with my work. I like the unexpected combination between denim and full, beautiful dresses.

What's it been like working with VFS?
It's been really good. I got a place right in the early stages so I had a chance to build the collection, present everything and see the response from the press. They've done a really good job and it's come out really well so far.

Timur Kim's S/S13 collection is available to view at our Paris Showrooms today until 5pm, the final day of PFW. 

Interview and Images taken during LFW by Josh Walker and Lauren Marsh