NEWS| Ming Pin Tien in Idol Magazine

Spring / Summer ‘13 Ones To Watch designer Ming Pin Tien talks to IDOL magazine about his recent collection and success at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. IDOL talks to the young designer about his use of deconstruction, his techniques and his reinvention of beauty, as well as bringing up the topics of portraits, East London girls and the predictability of dark colours for winter. Known for his bold shapes, Ming Ping Tien wowed audiences in September, proving him to be One To Watch.
On his inspiration behind the SS13 collection the designer talks about the concept of uniform being the starting point for his ideas on colour, pattern and cut. Showing depth and complexity these concepts translate in his approach to design.  In this interview he discusses pattern cutting and the dissymmetry that explores individuality or surrealist imagery in his collection. He tells of how reading helps him to pin down ideas, sourcing materials and creating sketches in his design process.  “Those East London girls” he says; a strong self-awareness and wanting to look more than just pretty is the client that Ming Pin Tien designs for.
IDOL gets into the mind of this talented designer, going back to the harness designs from his MA collection and the message of uniqueness and individuality that he brings to his work. Mentioning the Zen-like quality that he brings to his collections, in which he attributes to his cultural background in Taiwan. This interview takes a look at all aspects of Ming Pin Tien, from his design process to his ideas on spirituality that seems to be communicated so effortlessly through his pieces.
By Vanessa Omoregie, @wewearblack, image from Idol.