NEWS| Baartmans and Siegel A/W13 Presentation Review

For London’s second menswear-only showcase, former Fashion Scout design duo Baartmans and Siegel took to Covent Garden’s Odeon cinema to present a line-up of looks grounded in the duplicity of war-time heroes gracing such screens, and the adolescent vulnerability beneath that toughened exterior.

It was a theme evident in the uniformity of looks presented, with a gradient palette of greys, punctuated with intermittent crimsons, and pillar-box reds; and more explicitly in signature British-military ‘Red Coats’, updated with a dropped-shoulder and loftier-fit than that of their 18th century fore-bearers.

Despite Wouter and Amber’s dual-heritage roots, this collection was indubitably British- if not for the acquiescent nod to British textile via herringbone suits (updated with exposed zippers, and fur-trim hoods)- for the tonal references to the London landscape: fundamentally grey in-part of characteristically wet weather, but with a vibrancy both in the pillar-box post boxes dotting the city’s streets, and the energy- and diversity- of our quintessential fashion character.
It’s that same essence that London Collections captures, and why Baartmans and Seigel thrive- and why we’re proud to have had them present with us.

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