ANNOUNCEMENT| Fashion Scout Paris Showroom Designers

Fashion Scout will be presenting the very best of global fashion and design talent at our Paris Showroom once again during Paris Fashion Week. Held from Thursday 28th February through to Tuesday 5th March 2013, the Fashion Scout Showroom will return to our new Paris Fashion Week home of: 
23 rue du Roi de Sicile

Our eighth season in Paris, yet the first since our global relaunch as Fashion Scout, we are pleased to showcase the best of UK and International designers, straight from our Fashion Scout London showcase. Our strong presence at Paris Fashion Week through our Paris Showroom indicates the strong international outreach of Fashion Scout as a platform and we are thrilled to be returning for another season.

This season, the designers showcasing at our Paris Showrooms are: 

Anna October
Apu Jan
David Longshaw
Hellen Van Rees
Heohwan Simulation
Kirsty Ward
Krystof Strozyna
Leutton Postle
Myrza de Muynck
Na tasha Zinko
Nova Chiu
Patrick Li
Phoebe English
Raffaele Ascione
Shao Yen
Timur Kim
Yasya Minochkina
Yifang Wan
Yulia Kondranina
Zeynep Tosun

For more information on our designers, just click here.