BACKSTAGE| FAD - Fashion Awareness Direct FEB'13

Backstage at FAD, stylists were preparing models to walk down the runway for 15 different designers. Fashion Scout spoke to head stylist Reyes Lora. "It is incredible, there is a lot of talent. This year is the highest level it has been and the clothes are really well thought through. It is difficult to come up with a look that transcends across all 15 designers. The theme is 'future optimism' so we have opted for balanced a look that is quite bouncy and upbeat but with a futuristic tone."
Make-up artist LAN Nguyen-Grealis focused on the futuristic element. "We have created a soft, cold flush, using pink and white to contour the cheek. The effect is cold and angular but still natural, we have also blanked out the eyebrows to give an alien feel. I have looked at the designs this season and felt that they are of such strong quality that I wanted the makeup to be minimalistic. It works in a complimentary manner, adding softness to the harder looks and an edge to the softer looks." Hair was given a strong side parting with one side being textured through springy, angular curls and one side being pulled back to a smooth finish. 

Words by Darcie Thompson-Fields (@DarcieTF)
Images by Tram Nguyen (@TramNguyenp)